Torre A. DeVito

Latest Release

In his latest release, "It's Hard to Climb a Mountain With the Valley in Your Backpack," Torre A. DeVito tackles the emotional baggage that can hinder our progress. This witty and insightful book equips readers with the tools to identify and shed the negativity that weighs them down, ultimately empowering them to embark on their personal journeys with newfound lightness and purpose.

About the Author:
From Boardroom to Bookshelves

Torre A. DeVito is a whirlwind of creativity and business savvy. While his evocative poetry collections like "Landscape of My Childhood" and "This Tender Strength" showcase his artistic side, his true passion extends far beyond the written word. As a successful entrepreneur, Torre, along with his wife Karen and other business partners, has built and continues to manage a portfolio of thriving businesses, including a restaurant and a cozy coffee house.

Torre's entrepreneurial spirit isn't just about his own ventures; it's about empowering others. He leverages his experience and knowledge to act as a business and success coach. This multifaceted approach allows Torre to understand the challenges faced by business owners from a practical perspective, making his coaching advice all the more valuable.

But Torre's influence extends far beyond the boardroom and coaching sessions. A prolific author of over 14 books, he has captivated readers with his heartfelt poems, witty humor, and insightful business guides. Books like "10 Skills That Continue to Pay You Back" and "K.A.P.O.W. - 5 Keys to a Knockout Life" offer practical tools for achieving success, while titles like "It's Hard to Climb a Mountain With the Valley in Your Knapsack" provide inspiration with a touch of humor. Torre doesn't limit his reach to adults either; he's also a children's book author, ensuring his wisdom and creativity can inspire readers of all ages.

Whether crafting evocative verses, guiding businesses to success, or empowering individuals to reach their full potential, Torre A. DeVito brings a unique blend of creativity and acumen to everything he does.